中电科泰雷兹航空电儿子拥有限公司信介 THALES CETC Avionics Co., Ltd. THALES CETC Avionics Co., Ltd. is a joint venture company established by CETCA and THALES on the basis of consensus on establishment of equal and win-win strategic partnership. The Company is established to create competitive IFE system for single-aisle aircrafts, generate returns for shareholders’ investment and simultaneously enhance economic cooperation and technical exchange among France, US and China. The Company takes the opportunity of C919 Program in China to provide systems and products to support THALES’ global aircraft manufacturers and airline customers. It builds its R&D and production base in Avionics Industry Park, West High-tech District, Chengdu and devotes itself to become a global excellence center of IFE system R&D, production and maintenance of single-aisle aircrafts.

  The joint venture received its official registration from the Chinese authorities on Feb 5, 2013 and its business operations were formally launched on May 9, 2013 with theopening of the new facility on that day in Chengdu.

  Thales CETC Avionics Co., Ltd. (TCA) attaches much importance to attract, retain and develop talents, and create free, open and comfortable office environment as well, meanwhile TCA provides comprehensive career development paths. To improve staff capacity, TCA design appropriate training program, and for some extremely excellent employees, we will create opportunities for them to go abroad to have further training.

  TCA offeres a competitive salary and generous benefits, including but not limited_58_1.Social insurance2.Commercial Insurance3.Housing fund4.Holidays_58_ in addition to national holidays, employees will also enjoy Christmas holiday, while year-round employees have 15 days of paid annual leave5.Allowance_58_Transportation,Meal,Drinks and Snacks etc.6.Annual physical check and annual tourism etc.Our address_58_ No.09 Baichuan Road, Hi-tech West Zone, Chengdu, PRC.